This sweetie turned out not to be Olivia, but a picture like this with Olivia would be identical.

Sweet, lovey Livvie

Sweet, lovey Livvie
My favorite picture of Olivia

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Olivia's New Stomping Grounds

Here is a map of the track Sam (and Salsa and Briana) and I did on Monday.  We stopped after a relatively short time for two reasons:  the pattern revealed that Olivia was making her usual circles, so we already had enough to know where she hangs out; and, speaking of hanging out, we found what we hope is her den. This part was particularly exciting because we haven't found anything we thought was a den on any of the ten previous tracks.  Here's hoping that this means putting the feeding station in her new chosen abode will make it easier to get her to eat from it regularly, show up on the Livvie-cam, and finally catch her and bring her home!


Céline said...

Go get her!! Don't wait too long. You know where she is now finally!

All the best of luck.

Bring good news at the end of this weekend!

olivia's foster-mama said...

Ally and I put up a lot of flyers today. Unfortunately, when we checked the feeding station, it hadn't been touched. (not even the sausage!) Here's hoping Sunday is even better and I can post that good news at the end of the weekend! Thanks, Celine!

Céline said...

Good luck today!! I hope you find her!! It will be the best day ever!

All the best,

Céline said...

I hope Oloivia is returning at the woman's house.

Good luck finding her. I hope with all my heart she is found and returned home.

Anonymous said...

We know you are doing a great job but cant understand why you dont stay vigil at the sight where she is feeding and set up a trap cage to catch her. Seems easy enough but taking so long Why??

Céline said...

I have to agree with Anonymous. What is holding people back of setting up a trap at the feeding station or just catch her if she is still feeding at the woman's house. I caught a cat within ten minutes after she was lost for more than two weeks and the petsitter (sister of woman who owned the cat) wouldn't do much when I kept saying I saw the cat in my neighbor's yard.

I also saved a running, excited Jack Russell puppy when he got out of my neighbor's house. Kept calling her and lured her back home with treats.

I know Olivia is special but are you listening too much to the "expert" dog trackers? I have a feeling they wait too long to take action. Situations are too analyzed.

I don't mean to be so blunt but I wish Olivia would be brought back home soon.